Our offering

EBA Plast is a company specialised in the high frequency welding (HF) of foil products and we have niched ourselves into five different product areas:

• Medical technology (e.g. pressure-relieving mattresses)
• Automotive (bladders that are used to provide the optimal comfort in the seat of premium brands as well as goods vehicles and other professional vehicles)
• Furniture (bladders that are used to provide better lumbar support in office chairs)
• Leisure (airbag technology for personal protection on the road, furniture protection for garden furniture, covers for outdoor spas, roofs for hammocks, etc.)
• Baby (inflatable nursing tables and mattresses)

A large part of the production is customer-unique and steered by customer orders. Our own range includes furniture protection, hammock roofs as well as bladders in standard design for the furniture industry.

EBA018_montering_madrass  EBA023_stormaskin  EBA011_maskin